Tree of Life Liqueur


Tree of Life Pomegranate Liqueur is made from 100% pomegranate fruit in the Republic of Armenia, where unique climate, millennia-old traditions, and ultra-modern distillation techniques all come together. 

Our natural, chemical-free Liqueur finally captures the exquisite complexity of pomegranate fruit taste that for the longest time has evaded producers all over the world.  Because Tree of Life pomegranate Liqueur is so ecologically pure, we’ve been able to bring its alcohol content all the way up to 30%, another feat unattainable by others due to synthetic ingredients, colorants, or chemicals in their products.

Tree of Life pomegranate Liqueur is simply unmatched on today’s market in

  1. taste depth and complexity,
  2. graceful balance of sweet and tart pomegranate notes, or
  3. intensity (yet pleasantness) of aroma.

Use as an aperitif; or a mixer in a multitude of creative cocktails; or to add flavor and color to something that is bland otherwise. Great over ice cream, too!