Tree of Life Wine

Tree of Life Pomegranate Wine hails from Armenia, one of the most ancient (over 5,000 years old!)  winemaking regions on the planet.  Its quality and traditions are well known throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Armenia’s climate is perfect for growing some of the best pomegranate fruit.  In fact, it is one of just two or three worldwide where pomegranate ripens to the degree necessary to allow fermentation.

Tree of Life pomegranate Wine comes in two variations: Semi-Sweet or Semi-Dry.  Both are fermented from 100% pure squeezed pomegranate juice and possess the perfect pomegranate taste and complexity of peppery tartness and fruitiness, but there are some distinct differences:

  • Tree of Life Semi-Sweet wine (12% alcohol by volume) is made from a new pomegranate variety using a traditional technique that preserves its fruity taste. 
  • The pomegranate fruit is harvested when fully ripe, producing a deeply flavored, soft, and harmonious wine.
  • The resulting wine is supple, tart, and fruity and has good structure and freshness.


  • Tree of Life Semi-Dry wine (11% alcohol by volume) is characterized by its ravishing red color and nice lingering finish.
  • The pomegranate’s marvelous aromas and flavors really stand out in the Semi-Dry variety.
  • The resulting wine is light-bodied and elegant. 
This wine is perfect at room temperature whether served on its own or paired with ripe soft cheeses, Indian and chicken dishes, or chocolate. The semi-sweet wine also makes for a pleasing punch base. This wine is suitable for every occasion and is delicious served at room temperature. It pairs especially well with grilled meats, chicken or pasta dishes, strong cheeses, as well as Mediterranean cuisine.